Naples Photo Booths- FAQ

Naples Photo Booths

In our digital age, we are all about the facts! At Naples Photo Booths we try to be as transparent as possible and thought we would share some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question you don’t see here send us an e-mail to !

What is an open-air booth?

The easiest way to describe an open-air photo booth is that it is like a portable photographic studio. There is no ‘booth’ as such that users step into, but rather a photographic backdrop that users stand in front of. Our style of open photo booths consists of a unit which houses a touch screen, a professional camera, professional lighting and a dye sub printer. The booth is the height and size of an average person and can be adjusted to fit more or less people. The design is elegant with modern technology and commands FUN in any event.

Do you print on site?

Yes! We use a DNP DS620A which is the king of dye-sublimation printers. Dye-sub printers combine the speed of a laser jet and the beautiful colors of an ink jet. Vibrant prints come out in less than ten seconds and the image quality is just outstanding.

How does social sharing work?

As if 10 second printings weren’t instant gratification enough for the glorious photo you have just taken, our booth allows you and your guests to share your photos with the world just as fast. While your photo is printing you have the option to send yourself a copy or GIF via text, e-mail or both right from the touch screen on the booth. We also offer a social media kiosk just for social sharing in addition to the booth to keep the party going.

How many people can fit in the booth?

Because open photo booths use a large backdrop guests can walk freely into the area and strike a pose using their entire body! The most people we’ve ever had in one of our open photo booths is 15, although we are always encouraging guests to break the record.

How much space does it take? Where can I put it?

10x10x10 and access to a 120volt outlet and (preferably) not over 85 degrees. You can put it anywhere that meets those expectations. We heard of someone who had a photo booth on a boat….

Do you need WIFI?

Yes and No… If you have chosen a package with the social sharing option then yes, we would need access to WIFI. However, insider secret, we always bring our own to have your back. Another disclaimer that is not always fool proof either, silver lining if WIFI just won’t work guests can still enter their information as normal and everything will be sent out directly after the event.

What type of props are provided? Do I need Props?

We provide a variety of carefully curated props based on your event type. We have signs, masks, hats, glasses and balloons, no worries we work close with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

No, you do not NEED props. Plenty of people opt out of props and choose to have just their gorgeous guests in the shots.

What type of events do you do?

C. All of the above

We haven’t meant an event yet that our booths weren’t perfect for. Outdoor events are more challenging during the summer but where there is a will there is a way. Our most popular events are Weddings, Small Business events and Galas.

Once the event is complete how will I get my photos?

We provide onsite prints for the guests and guestbooks (should you choose to have one.) An additional copy of all prints is available after the event and can be added on to your package. Your online gallery is available 24 hours after your event at under client images. From the you and your guests are able to download and share their photo in the template as well as the individual un-watermarked images.

Can I choose to have a scrapbook or professionally bound book?

Yup! Everybody is different so we offer both! Scrapbooks are available the day of your event, a copy of the photo booth photo is placed in book and guests can sign and leave a message. Professionally bound hard cover books we custom make for you are available 4 weeks after your event.

How does payment work?

We require a $200 deposit at booking and the remainder is due 14 days prior to your event. We accept cash or credit.

I’m obsessed, but it is out of my price range, do you discount?

At the moment, our only discount is through a referral program. Contact us to see how this can work for you before your event!

Do I have a choice in template design?

Absolutely! We do have pre-built templates you are welcome to choose from however we offer every guest customization first! Once booked we will send you out a template questionnaire, based on those answers we create to custom template for your event.

What type of backdrops do you offer?

Luxurious ones. We select only the best backdrops on the market color and designs are available on our website. We also are able to customize this aspect of your experience as well, have something in mind, we would love to hear about it.

I want it! How do I book?